Do you find yourself lying awake at night thinking


Unsure of what to do next, who to ask or where to turn.

Obsessing. Ruminating. Catastrophizing EVERYTHING.

The OVERWHELM. The people pleasing. The self-doubt.

Trying every modality from self-help books, affirmations to talk therapy but you're still stuck trying to get rid of the non-stop mental chatter, the destructive self-sabotaging and shame. There's a reason...sometimes it's what you can't see that's holding you hostage.

I've got good news.....

Is this it?

YOU CAN                     IN MINUTES.

Stressful and toxic situations from the past, present or excessive fear for the future causes us to stay in fight or flight wreaking havoc on our sympathetic nervous system. Staying in this mode can have negative impacts on your emotional, physical and mental health. 

The perceived failure, the shame, loneliness and fear keeping you on the wash, rinse and repeat cycle and playing small.

Secretly worried about even MORE abandonment and rejection because there's only so much your friends and family can listen to.

You don't have to waste any more hours, days, months and years trapped in the captivity of your own head and emotions bleeding into your relationships, income and health.


Let's Remove The Mental & Emotional Blocks Limiting You So You Can STOP the
Self-Sabotaging, Overwhelm & Giving Up!


This is not about dragging it out. 

You are in pain.

Keep in mind that this is NOT your practice life.
This is your story, your legacy.

    Just like the programming from your own childhood, how you show up now impacts FUTURE GENERATIONS.

You can stay a victim and lose valuable years or you can go from                             and turn your                                 by rewiring your subconscious to resolve your trauma, self-limiting beliefs, stress, or conflicts so you can create a positive generational impact.

As Henry Ford says,
If you believe you can or you believe you can’t.... you`re right.

caged to charged

loss to leverage

This is your